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Yellow is a specialist Live Marketing company, delivering creative, different and personalized solutions along with the best cost-benefit ratio, also targets and indicators with high standard in planning, attendance and results. It´s a company that has female soul. Along with warm tones, the brand reflects our dynamism in ideas and actions. We believe that sensitivity, intuition and preparation perfectly define our purpose.

Why Yellow?

Yellow is a color that conveys energy, motivates and makes us move. It brings focus, stimulating our minds and creativity. Yellow shines. Light is part of the concept and definition of the word “idea”, representing knowledge, vision, thought and the projection of something. Brings heat for what had cooled down. Gives vibration and visibility, makes reflect.

Live Marketing is the denomination given to the actions that promotes interaction and experiences made to bring brands and people together.

Yellow Live Marketing

Yellow Live Marketing was created to attend demanding brands and people that are looking for exclusive projects in planning, promotional marketing, digital marketing, merchandising, events and boost. Our actions are measured by the number of goose bumps, smiles and tears we can cause in people.

Yellow Live Marketing - Cristianne Dionisio e Milena Borini

Yellow Live Marketing was founded by Cristianne Dionísio and Milena Borini moved by the necessity and desire of delivering innovative and exclusive Marketing solutions. The partners’ experience from over 20 years in Marketing brings an unique approach to projects and is the key to face any crisis period.

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